Friday, November 12, 2010

More hindsight... or hinder-sight???

Well, I sort of remember the beginning of this promised topic. Of course the direction it was supposed to take was definitely lost to the dream time. As it is the beginning only took shape cause I was still awake enough. Everything else I thought "no need to get up to write anything down. This is so cool I will certainly remember it!" Riiiiightt.

So what was intended is this, 20/20 connotes having normal sight, thus looking backwards at 20/20 is "normal." But I don't think that very truthfully represents what we do. To be more accurate it should read "Hindsight is laser-like," or "Hindsight is like using an electron microscope." Or something sufficiently technologically advanced and able to pinpoint the smallest structures imaginable. The point being that we go over past efforts and events with more than a fine toothed comb: We scour things for error in the minutest detail. That's not normal to me. That's obsessive and damaging to certain extremes. Especially, in my honest opinion, if there is no healing aspect that comes out of the process.

So what, you might ask, is my version of things? Hmmm. Good question. At the very least tolerance has to come into the equation. If mistakes have been made then we have to tolerate the fact that we screwed up. 'Tolerate' begins to have threads of 'forgive' within it and hence we might find ourselves saying "Well, won't do that again," rather than something like "Why did I do that? Waaaah...Boo hoo..." You get the idea.

Even in business failure there has to be reflection, but it has to be progressive and not debilitating. Otherwise future ventures are at risk even before money is on the table. The second type of question "Why?" carries fear forward, whereas the first is a statement, an affirmation, an acceptance, and an open door to move on.

So unless you have reason to appreciate lasers (like laser hair removal... what's up with that??? I can't quite imagine how that one works) then look back with normal sight. The same sight that should be happening in every present moment and quite possibly looking forward as well. That way it doesn't become 'hinder-sight'... get it? as in "to hinder"... (I crack myself up :P)


tlkaui said...

As someone who has a hard time forgiving herself of past mistakes, I can definitely relate to the "hinder-sight" issue. Can you coin a term for worrying about the future? Learning to focus on the present is an ongoing process for me, for sure.

Joe said...

I hear that. We'll see what we can conjure up.